Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Japanese and Chinese Fusion Steamboat Recipe

This simple and easy recipe is for all of you to have a gathering or house party when you have to invite heaps of people. I had this on my last birthday and it was really good especially for people that like soupy food like me. In a cold weather, this will really keep you warm... hmm...

Japanese and Chinese Fusion Steamboat (Sukiyaki / Hotpot)

- soup bases (chicken/beef broth, chinese herbal soup, or tomyum soup)
- variety of meatballs
   *other meatball that you can think of
- tofu
- seafood (mussel, fish, clam, prawn)
-mushroom (shitake, enoki, oyster)
-beancurd skin
- sliced sirloin beef
- veges (baby bok choy or cabbage)
- noodles (udon, vermicelli)
- dumplings or wontons

There are variety of more soup bases but the choices that I have include above is my top 3 favorite which i would recommend everyone to try. Also, this food will really suits in big occasions like Chinese New Year, Christmas or Thanksgiving.

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