Sunday, July 7, 2013

Jamie's Italian

I remember coming to this place at 10.30 to avoid the queue. There was quite a number of people when I came and it was open at 11 for lunch. I was really excited and can't wait to get in and finally this guy let us in one by one.

 Yes!! Jamie is finally in Perth!

The cutlery that was provided for us. With a basket of Jamie's signature bread not long after that. It tasted fantastic. They also provided us with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. It was heaven.

Here is some of the pictures that I took to show you guys how does it looks like. I don't know why the place just makes you feel like you're in Jamie's home. It is very authentic and classy at the same time. I wasvery impressed.

 We had Cured Meat Plank as the appetizer and it was amazing. First, they put 2 can of Italian tomatoes on the bottom to let the plank sit on it. The cured meats was just delicious with the olive on top of it. I am usually not a big fan of any kind of cheese. But, I must say that the buffalo mozarella and the other cheese with light cracker and chilli jam on it was superb.

Also, we had Crispy Stuffed Risotto Balls and it was awesome. I am not usually a big fan of risotto but this is really good. They have 3 Risotto Balls in each portion with tomato sauce on the side and parmesan cheese on top of it.
We waited for the main dishes for quite a long time maybe around an hour. We're not sure what took them so long but the place was quite packed that day. This is the Jool's Favourite Sicilian Tuna Fusili. I never tried any homemade pasta before so this is my first time. I must say it was really good. I was not really satisfied with the tuna somehow. I feel like it's too fishy and not chunky at all. I love the crunchy herby breadcrumbs on the side of it though. Overall, great pasta!
 Out of all the pastas that we ordered, I must say Wild Rabbit Tagliolini was the best. It was just as what we expected. Great Dish!
This is the Seafood Bucatini. It was nice and saucy. Somehow, the portion is too small for the price though. From the picture you can see there's quite a lot going on but when you open the aluminum foil and start eating it. You will realize that there's not much seafood and pasta and in it.

Overall, I was really satisfied despite the queue and long wait. I will definitely come back again to try more pasta! This restaurant is just pure perfection.

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