Monday, May 20, 2013

Batavia Corner Indonesian Restaurant

This is one of my favourite Indonesian restaurant in town. It is located in Albany Highway which is not too far from where I live.
The place was not so big and there wasn't that much customers. Old and authentic photo frames were on the left side of the wall. It is a good place to have lunch. I don't take any photos of the food that I had because at that time I was too hungry that I forgot to take a picture.
Don't worry, I still remember what I had that day. We had 'risoles' (a kind of indonesian spring roll), lemper ayam (glutinous rice with shredded coconut milk in the middle) and pempek (indonesian fish cake with egg yolk in center). This was the first time I ordered risoles and the inside was just too sweet for me. Lemper Ayam and Pempek were just awesome as always.

As the main dish, we had ayam penyet (fried chicken with sambal and sweet soy sauce on top), nasi kuning komplit ( yellow rice with chicken and sambal egg) and soto ayam ambengan ( indonesian chicken glass noodle soup). The ayam penyet and nasi kuning was okay. Soto ayam ambengan was our all-time favourite. We always order that whenever we're here.

I was really satisfied and I will always come to this place. The food is just authentic and scrumptious! yum!

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