Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hwa Ro Korean Restaurant

I know this Korean restaurant from a friend of mine that had come here for I don't know how many times. She said how awesome this restaurant is and this is why I finally came here with quite a number of people.

When I first walked in, I can see how authentic this place is with the exhaust fan and different kind of stoves for bbq and steamboat.

Also, the server gave us different kind of side dish. All I can remember is the kimchee, glassnoodles and pickles. I must say, my favourite one is the glassnoodles! I can't even remember how many times we asked for refill.

We ordered the seafood pancake and roasted chicken wings as our appetizers. I was pretty satisfied with their seeafood pancake. I love the chicken wings as well, even though one of my friend felt like it is too sweet.

My other friend ordered the beef bulgogi soup as their steamboat. They said that it was too sweet and overpowering. I ordered the Pork Kimchi Soup and I must say that it is much better than the beef bulgogi. It is not too spicy but for me personally it is too sour for some reason. But it is still okay. I was pretty happy.

For the bbq section, we had beef rib and tongue. I was pretty happy with their beef rib. It was what I expected to be. But, the tongue was too rubbery and thick, I was not so satisfied. I was expecting a frozen, thin-cut, rolled, tongue which I usually get in a korean restaurant. This one was pretty hard to eat. I had to cut it into smaller pieces.

 I will definitely comeback to this place to explore their menu.

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