Saturday, May 11, 2013

Emma's Dim Sum

My favourite place to have dim sum! When I'm feeling like having asian brunch this is the perfect place to go. For all you dim sum lovers this is a must-try.

It is a very crowded place but I managed to get a seat all the time which is why it is not a problem.

Servers will be pushing the cart to with bamboo containers which contain different kind of food. To describe it, it is a kind of chinese tapas.

Every time you have dimsum, hakaw (the picture below) and shiu mai are a definite must. Personally, I'm not a big fan of hakaw but I love shiu mai.

My personal favourite is their beancurd roll. Veges like carrots, leeks and coriander are rolled with fried beancurd skin. Then it is steamed with oyster sauce which made it just perfect. One portion is definitely not enough for me.

I am not a big fan of rice porridge but this is one of the crowd's favourite. The porridge is really smooth with shredded chicken and fried dumpling skin on top. It's a definite yum!

This is one below is a typical chinese food which is "chicken feet" and I believe not everyone even dare to try it not even me. I am a big fan of chinese food but I still never get to this one. Older generation chinese people will like it but this one is pretty hardcore.

I am not so sure what this one is called but this one is not too bad. The gooey crispy skin with saucy minced meat in the middle is just right.

Some people might call this one calamari which I guess it is pretty close. I always order this whenever I'm here. This is the salt and pepper squid tentacles. Very tastyyy!

Local people will call this "cah-liong". It is a kind of fried chinese doughnut covered with soft skin and dipped in special soy sauce.

This is definitely one of my favourite chinese restaurant that is located in northbridge which is close to most of asian restaurants. I really recommend everyone to try this restaurant.

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